Watch the Full Mafia 3 Demo Now (gameplay)

Can’t make it to E3 2016? Doesn’t matter. We’re giving YOU a front row, VIP seat for our Mafia III E3 gameplay demo.

We’re about to take you down to the Bayou-and-back for the next 20+ minutes. Get an in-depth overview of the game, meet more of the key characters, learn about some of the different districts of New Bordeaux and watch as we navigate the open world for the best way to take out the Marcano crime family.

And what trip down to New Bordeaux is complete without a rampage on a riverboat?

All these months, we’ve heard you asking for more Mafia III gameplay footage.

In the Mafia III E3 gameplay reveal see how New Bordeaux is a model of southern hospitality, but underneath it’s a city ruled by organized crime and corrupt officials. Get an inside look at the districts of New Bordeaux, how you’ll take them down and build your own criminal empire any way you want.

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