[SweetFX] Sweet Vintage Preset mod

The Sweet Vintage preset tries to mimic the look of movies from the late 60s’ early 70s’. It also tries to lower the overall washed-out look by adding some sharpness (not excessive!) and better contrast filter.

Install Instructions:
1. Download this
2. Unpack the downloaded pack to a place of your choice.
3. Copy Reshade.fx, Sweet.fx and the SweetFX folder and paste them where you have installed Mafia III (where Mafia.exe and Launcher.exe are).
4. Also copy ReShade64.dll and paste it to the same place as in step 3. After that, rename the pasted file from ReShade64 to d3d11.dll.
5. Download the Sweet Vintage Preset on this page (below).
6. Rename the downloaded SweetFX_Settings_Mafia III_Sweet Vintage Preset.txt to SweetFX_settings.txt.
7. Copy the SweetFX_settings.txt and paste it into the SweetFX folder in your main game directory (the one you pasted in step 3) and replace the existing SweetFX_settings.txt file when asked.
8. Done!

For Best Brightness: As there is no visible brightness slider I have to explain it like this: Set brightness all the way down and then go 3x up.
For Best Image Quality: Set Antialiasing in the ingame options menu to Low. !!! IMPORTANT !!! Check ingame graphics settings everytime you start playing the game because it can be a little buggy at times (sometimes they are not saved properly).

Used FX:
– Lumasharpen (not excessive!)
– Levels
– Technicolor
– Tonemapping
– Curves
– Dithering
*Suggestions are welcome.

**FPS loss: A few at most.


zooTecH - (a.k.a. zooWorld)

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