No Rear View Mirror / Speedometer Mom

used the script created by KNGR to create a script that removes the rear view mirror and speedometer only.

Because I knew people would ask, I added two other folders to the zip which contain variants of the script which remove them individually.

I do not like the rear view mirror at all, so I’m glad KNGR created his script. I will be sure to include him in the Modder section to credit his work. The speedometer in Mafia III looks neat but I think it’s obtrusive and distracting. I appreciate the devs’ attempt to make it look authentic to 60’s cars, but I preferred Mafia II’s speedometer size and positioning.

Unfortunately, to accommodate the mirror, the devs moved the camera up so you are looking slightly above the car instead of at it, which can be annoying, and it’s more obvious when the mirror is disabled. I don’t know if this can be changed but since the camera is probably different for each vehicle it may be extremely difficult.

Install the Mafia III Script Hook.
Place one of the three .lua files in the “scripts” folder found within your Mafia III directory.
Press the F1 key while in-game to toggle the script.

Draconio & KNGR

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