Mafia third part has problems with strong blurring.

This mod removes blur, takes away the washed out color, makes the game more vibrant.

A reshade using Sweet FX post-processing injector

Enable / Disable – Scroll Lock.

Just unzip the contents of the archive in the root folder of the game. Enable / Disable – Scroll Lock.

Version 3.0 Balanced the lightning to give a better balance between interiors and exteriors. Interiors are dark and moody but you can still see fine. Nights are dark enough that it doesn’t feel like the moon is too bright. I feel I’ve reached the sweet spot between balancing the two. Added a bit of vibrancy to bring the image to life. I will continue to test in various weather / lighting conditions. If no big issues are found this will likely be the final release.

Reshade and the steam overlay are not compatible together. Using this reshade will disable it. Try renaming d3d11.dll to dxgi.dll , if that works you should be able to use steam overlay. If you wish to take screenshots I recommend downloading FRAPS and run it in the backround. Press F10 to save your screenshots. They’ll be located in C:/Fraps/Screenshots Since reshade effects the entire image and isn’t zone specific clear, sunny days appear very bright. I’ve tried to reduce it but as soon as I do many of the interiors of the game become too dark to see properly. This is an issue with how the game is made as they’ve made sunny days very bright, and some interiors extremely dark. I figured it’s better to put up with a bright sun rather than not being able to see in some areas. A simple fix is to simply adjust your brightness in the options. If it’s too bright outside, lower it a few notches and simply return it to normal afterwards.

With the latest update and the settings below I get 60-90 fps on an i5 3570k at 4.4ghz and a 980ti at 2560×1440 resolution. Windows 10.

Click “Download Preset” and download the link provided.

Use Winrar or a similar program to open the downloaded file. Place everything inside of it into your Mafia 3 directory.

Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steam Apps\ Common \ Mafia 3

An easy way to find your install directory is to open steam, go to your games list, right click mafia 3, click properties, click the local files tab, click browse local files and you’ll be taken to it. This is where you want to place everything from the download link.

Simply drag and drop the contents of the download and that’s it!

Once you open mafia 3 there should be a few lines of text in the top left hand corner if working correctly.

You can disable / re-enable the effects by pressing Scroll Lock.

Simply delete d3d11.dll, reshade.fx as well as the reshade folder from your Mafia 3 directory.


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