This Preset is off the chart and gives a Real HDR + NG Tonemapping Look

The files were tweaked to remove the Blur and Sandy Tint and make the games color pop

Using a Lut and a ENB palette i made in various programs then activated through Reshade

and with not frame lost makes this Preset a true Gem and a must try……….

Feedback is always welcome and hope you all enjoy 🙂

Installation guide and more Comparisons

Then Download 2nd half of the Preset by Pressing the Download preset button below Open it with notepad, Right click inside it,
Then Select All and copy. Then Open the Shaders_by_CeeJay CFG file that’s in the ReShade\Presets\Default folder in your game Directory,
Right click inside That Shaders_by_CeeJay CFG file Select All then Paste…..Done

If you see this error ”Could not find application profile, falling back to default ”IGNORE IT” ON/OFF Insert Key


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