MUST-HAVE Texture Blur Fix mod

Preset for Mafia III
Created by OldWorld
You might not have even noticed it yet, but Mafia 3 is unnecessarily blurry. It looks like 720p upscaled, rather than your native resolution. This ReShade preset aims to fix that. Seriously, just look at the photos. The detail on his jacket, for instance. It looks much better in-game. Photo compression makes it look worse than the original photos I took in-game. Try it yourself and be amazed. Nothing special, just simple Lumasharpen.

Install guide:
Download Reshade with framework here:

Extract to your Mafia 3 directory (Steam/Steamapps/Common/Mafia3 or equivalent. Same location as game executable).
Rename reshade64.dll to d3d11.dll
Download the preset below, open it up, copy everything inside and paste it into Reshade/SweetFX.cfg overwriting what’s currently there.


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