Mafia 3 v1.01 (+21 Trainer)

Mafia III v1.01 (+21 Trainer) [Baracuda]

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2 Responses

  1. peter says:

    the trainer is in russian and i can not find any english translation so it’s useless

  2. Enjoy says:

    Home – Activate Trainer

    Numpad 0 – Immortality
    Numpad 1 – Infinite stamina
    Numpad 2 – Infinite Body Armor
    Numpad 3 – Infinite Ammo + No charge
    Numpad 4 – Infinite Ammo
    Numpad 5 – Precision Weapon
    Numpad 6 – quickfirer
    Numpad 7 – All automatic weapons
    Numpad 8 – No impact
    Numpad 9 – Superweapon
    Numpad / – Infinite adrenaline
    Numpad * – Endless explosives
    Numpad – – Endless chips

    Add adrenaline – Set the amount of adrenaline that you wish to add
    Add pomegranate – Set the number of grenades that want to add
    Add molotov cocktails – Set the number of Molotov cocktails, which you wish to add
    Add figures Zemi – Set the number of figures Zemi that wish to add
    Add explosives C4 – Set the amount of explosives C4, which want to add
    Add money in the wallet – Set the amount of money that you wish to add to the wallet
    Add money to the cache – Set the amount of money that want to add to the cache

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