Lua and Library Scripthook for Mafia 3 allowing you to run your own code in Mafia 3. Simply create a lua script or use the ExampleDLL to create your plugin and start creating yor mod. The Library Scripthook features a hooking library to find pattern, patch function calls/jumps with your own, overwriting opcodes/functions etc.

List of all available commands follows in the next few hours, meanwhile you can tryout Mafia2’s scripting commands, as they don’t have really changed.

Mafia 3 Script Hook is completly open source.

If you want to reload Lua scripts while being in the game, simply press F1 and all Lua scripts in side the scripts/ folder will reload.

1. Download .ZIP

2. Extract the .ZIP content into Mafia III directory so the structure looks like this

|- mafia3.exe

|- M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe

|- M3ScriptHook.dll

3. Run M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe once the game has started.


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3 Responses

  1. hflemming says:

    F1 opens help in windows 10. What should I press?

  2. minimi1 says:

    Game always crashing after i start M3ScriptHookLauncher.exe… what should i do?

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