Mafia 3 Script – Spawn To Unreachable Locations

Here is a simple script I’ve made, to spawn directly to some otherwise unreachable locations.

You can spawn to these places, using these keys:

Y: spawn on a road near the Casino
U: an Airport Tower (beware most of the surrounding is not really solid!)
I: an Island (most of the surrounding is not solid! But the road itself is, until you go to far.)
O: Plane 01 (the ground is not solid at all!)
P: Plane 02 (the ground is not solid at all!)
It’s a WIP, there is not a lot of places for now, but I might add some news ones! Feel free to edit the script and change the key binding.

Note: godmode is activated by default! Note 2: that’s my first script ever, I guess it might be optimized a lot. Note 3: sorry for my english, not my birth tongue, blah blah blah.

You’ll need the Mafia III Script Hook made by Barzakh Once installed, simply drop the “SpawnLocations.lua” into the “scripts” folder!

0.2: added auto godmode, because I was tired to die while falling from too high.


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