Mafia 3: Playboy magazines locations!

Playboy magazine locations
Search the indicated locations to find the Playboy magazines:

Delray Hollow

1. On a desk in the back of the Everyday Laundromat. There is also a Junction Box nearby.

2. On a table in the basement of Sammy’s Bar.

3. On a desk inside the green ramshackle house in the area.

4. On the bar counter inside the Double Barrel Bar.

River Row

1. On a desk inside the Bayside Shipping warehouse.

2. Behind the wall on a table in the kitchen area of Fresh Crab Shack.

3. In the corner filing cabinet inside Baby Bear BBQ restaurant next to the table.

4. On a table in a shack in the River Row slums.

5. Next to a chair in a riverfront home near the bridge that has a wooden chair.

Pointe Verdun

1. On a bench near the cliff at the lighthouse.

2. Inside a small house under the freeway.

3. On a black coach inside the garage next to the Bevers Moonshine.

4. In a trailer office in the police station. Use stealth to avoid detection.

5. On top of a bench in the Burke’s Iron & Metal garage.

Barclay Mills

1. Find the building with the Red Draft billboard next to the large open hangar (garage). It is inside the garage/hangar, behind the trucks.

2. On a table inside the wooden shack on the hill.

3. On a table inside a cabin on the hill with a blue metal table on the porch.

4. On the porch of the ranch house on the hill.


1. On the desk inside the Auto Service office.

2. Enter the sewers from the river tunnel. It is on the bottom shelf of a small workbench.

3. Hidden inside the yellow flowers next to the park monument.

4. You access a construction yard behind Shaker’s Jazz Club during the “Caver’s Construction” mission. It is inside the trailer office.

5. On a desk inside an office in a garage on the shoreline.

Tickfaw Harbor

1. Behind the bar inside Shooter’s Bar.

2. On a desk inside the small train depot in the rail yard.

3. Go to the Bayside Shipping’s main building that has a sign on top of it. There is a small building on the opposite side that has the magazine on a ledge on the roof.

4. On a desk inside the small trailer office in the shipyard.

5. Inside a small trailer office on the waterfront.

Frisco Fields

1. On the floor in the house on the lake.

2. On top of the tower at Duvall Lookout.

French Ward

1. Inside the green garage in the residential area.


1. In the stands of Neil A. Arthur Stadium.

2. In a bathroom cabinet in a green shotgun home near the bridge.

3. Go to the Pearl Diver motel to find it on a table near the window, on the second floor.

Bayou Fantom

1. On a table inside the old shack on the Bayou.

2.On the workbench at the stilted shack over the water.

3. On a picnic table at the riverfront home on the Bayou.

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